Which Injectable Is Right for You?

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Choosing the Best Injectable Treatment

Safe, effective injectable treatments are common among all plastic surgery centers. Depending on the areas you wish to enhance and what type the plastic surgeon uses, men and women alike can gain results that seemingly reverse the aging process, create volume and bring about a more youthful appearance. Receiving these almost painless injectable treatments are the easy part – the difficult part is choosing exactly which ones are the very best for you, and what you’re looking to achieve.



Getting older is completely inevitable, whether we like it or not. Something that’s not inevitable? Dealing with those pesky, unwanted markings that aging brings to the skin. If you’re serious about getting rid of the wrinkles and premature age lines that tend to plague our skin over time, then Botox is a genius solution.

A small amount of Botox – boltulinum toxin – is injected into a group of targeted muscles using a fine needle. The Botox then works quickly to block those signals that occur from the nerves to the muscles, which prevents the injected muscle from contracting, ultimately smoothing out the age line and wrinkles altogether. Botox takes 5 to 7 days to work, and the results last around four months. Additionally, Botox also treats medical conditions, including but not limited to, chronic migraines, muscle spasms and eye twitches.


Juvederm and Voluma

Aside from wrinkles and fine lines, aging – in addition to years of sun exposure – also causes our face to become extremely thinned. The reason is simple: Hyaluronic acid, a hydrating sugar naturally found in our skin, decreases with age. Because this acid is responsible for binding and absorbing water – and ultimately refreshing our skin – the diminished, thinned out appearance occurs over time. For those men and women who are affected by this, and are currently looking to restore a rounder, plumper appearance to their cheeks and lips, Juvederm and other forms of it, such as Voluma, Volure and Vobella, may be the right injectables for you.

FDA approved, Juvederm injects Hyaluronic acid, in the form of gel, into your skin. This amps up the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, creating a firm and full look. Juvederm truly restores the skin’s volume in a way that everyone will notice, all while appearing as though it happened naturally. Men and women who receive Juvederm must repeat sessions about every year to reap all the benefits. Voluma is another form of Juvederm, which works to achieve a full appearance to flattened out cheeks using hyaluronic acid. Those who choose to receive a Voluma injectable can expect to enjoy its long-lasting results and benefits for as long as two years. Volure is a newer option, and usually lasts for 18 months.



While many injectables are well known for enhancing an aging complexion, others aid in getting rid of an area plagued with excess fat. The Kybella injectable treatment does just that, acting as the industry’s go-to solution for minimizing the appearance of excess chin and neck fat. More commonly referred to as a “double chin,” our bodies sometimes accumulate an extra amount of fat cells on the upper portions of the neck – regardless of whether or not this is a genetic predisposition or lifestyle issue, many men and women feel self conscious about it, and wish to trim down the area. Thanks to Kybella, this becomes a reality.

Utilizing deoxycholic acid in the form of injections, this unwanted fat is broken down and destroyed, all while leaving the rest of the cells in the chin and neck completely untouched. Each Kybella injection session is only fifteen to thirty minutes long, and a series of injections will get rid of the double chin entirely. If you desperately want to get rid of this all-too-common, fatty area on your body, definitely consider a Kybella injection treatment to help you out.


Consult a Plastic Surgeon to Help You Decide

Deciding which injectable is right for you can be a painless process, especially when you consider how they are administered into your skin. Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volure, Vobella and Kybella are all non-invasive procedures, which means that you are able to drastically enhance you appearance without the use of surgery and without the long period of recovery time that typically follows. When you consider just how simple these treatments are, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be scheduling your own injectable session!

If you’re still unsure about which injectable is the best one for you, be sure to consult an experienced, board certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Christine Blaine of Blaine Plastic Surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Blaine will go over your options and which one will bring the results you desire. Contact our office today for more information: 631-470-2000.

Blaine Plastic Surgery Welcomes Newest Team Member


We are extremely excited to welcome our newest team member, Joanne Vitale, to Blaine Plastic Surgery! Joanne joins our team as a board certified Physician Assistant. She will be performing injectable treatments, laser therapy and assisting Dr. Blaine in the operating room at various surgical locations for each patient’s convenience.


Joanne’s Diverse History in Plastic Surgery

Joanne is passionate about her career in plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, which has brought her great success throughout her 15+ year career. Prior to joining Blaine Plastic Surgery, Joanne worked for a private practice in the Huntington area where she consulted and treated patients using cutting edge modalities and advanced injection techniques.

In addition to working in plastic surgery, Joanne has worked in orthopedics, gastroenterology, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and bariatric surgery. With her diverse background, we are confident in her abilities to handle any situation that may occur.


Aesthetic Specialist in New York

Joanne’s extensive experience in skin rejuvenation provides patients with a pleasant and positive experience. Her success is evident in the results she brings and the personal touch she provides to every patient.

Some of the advanced medical and cosmetic services that she specializes in include injectables (including Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane injections), laser therapies, chemical peels, and many other skin rejuvenation treatments.

Joanne, Dr. Blaine, and our esthetician will use a team-based approach to determine the proper techniques to use in order to ensure the best results are delivered for your selected treatment. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin with a non-invasive procedure or wishing to further enhance your post-operation results, our team will work collaboratively to develop the appropriate treatment plan and maintenance regimen to achieve optimal results.


Professional Organizations

Here at Blaine Plastic Surgery, we make it a top priority to stay current with medical advances and professional certifications. We knew Joanne was the perfect fit for our practice because of her extensive list of professional organizations she is associated with!

As a licensed physician assistant, Joanne has completed advanced injector training programs. She is a member of many professional organizations, including the National Commission of Certified Physician Assistants, the American Academy of Physician Assistants, and the New York State Society of Physician Assistants. In addition, she is a cum laude graduate of the State University of New York in Buffalo and the Philadelphia University Physician Assistant Program.


Schedule a Plastic Surgery Consultation in New York Today

Thinking about a plastic surgery procedure to help you look and feel your best? Schedule an appointment at Blaine Plastic Surgery today! When you come in for your initial consultation, Dr. Blaine, Joanne, and the rest of the staff will do everything they can to ensure you feel comfortable with all aspects of your procedure. Here at Blaine Plastic Surgery, we always make patient care a top priority.

For more information, please contact us today by calling: (631) 470-2000.

How Nicotine Sabotages Plastic Surgery

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Here at Blaine Plastic Surgery, one of the first pieces of advice Dr. Blaine gives during her plastic surgery consultations is to not smoke. But just because you’re no longer reaching for cigarettes doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. If you’re thinking about getting a procedure done, you need to avoid all forms of nicotine, which include gum, patches, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes.

While it may sound difficult to do, especially if you are a regular smoker, nicotine can cause many negative impacts on your procedure. Learn more about nicotine’s effect on plastic surgery below.

Nicotine’s Effect on Plastic Surgery Procedures

During many popular procedures, such as a tummy tuck or breast reduction, your surgeon expertly cuts through the skin, dissects the deeper tissue, therefore, allowing the skin and tissue to be lifted, moved, stretched or removed to achieve desired results. During this process, some blood vessels are cut, while others remain intact. The vessels that remain intact supply the oxygen that is needed to the skin that has been elevated.

How does nicotine play a role in this? It’s simple. Once nicotine enters your bloodstream, it shrinks your blood vessels significantly. Small blood vessels mean less blood flow, which leads to less oxygen and dead tissues. There are many other problems that can result when you mix nicotine with a procedure.


What Can Happen When You Mix Smoking with Plastic Surgery:

  • Loss of skin, especially in the cheek, nipples or tummy areas
  • Infections
  • Death of fat cells, which results in hard lumps
  • Delayed healing
  • Thick, noticeable scars
  • Blood clots, which have the potential to be fatal
  • Increased pain during the recovery period
  • Permanent small vessel damage
  • Loss of implants
  • Stroke, heart attack, pneumonia, and other life threatening complications


How to Prepare for Plastic Surgery if You are a Smoker

If your heart is set on getting a procedure done and you’re a smoker, it does not mean that you can’t go through with it. All it means is that it is going to take some willpower to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

During your initial consultation, be sure to tell your surgeon that you are a smoker. He or she will be able to provide further tips or inspiration to help you quit, as well as give you a recommendation on how long before surgery you should quit.

Typically, it is recommended to quit anywhere between three to six weeks before surgery and three to six weeks after. However, for the longest lasting results (and a healthier lifestyle), we suggest quitting forever. You’ve made it this far, why stop now?

If you’re thinking about giving into temptation, think of how one puff will cause your blood vessels to shrink. Is one puff really worth putting your entire surgery at risk? And if you do end up giving in to temptation before your surgery, even just once, you need to confess to your surgeon. It is better to be safe and delay your surgery than risk some of the scary complications that could result.


Schedule a Plastic Surgery Consultation in New York Today

If you’re looking for one of the best plastic surgeons in New York, look no further than Dr. Christine Blaine. As a board certified surgeon, she knows the importance of treating the individual as a whole, making sure all of their wants, needs and concerns are met. Dr. Blaine also has extensive experience working with smokers and helping them through the challenges they face before surgery. For more information or to schedule your consultation, please contact us today.

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Cosmetic Surgery Results

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Getting a plastic surgery procedure is a big deal, no matter which way you spin it. It means that you’ll need to set aside an amount of time away from work, school or any other scheduled activities to allow yourself an ample recovery period.

While there are certainly cosmetic procedures that promise longer-lasting results than others, there is hope for all plastic surgery patients for an extended, beautiful appearance – regardless of which type of procedure you get. Here are five easy ways to maintain your cosmetic surgery results:


1. Treat Your Skin to a Healthy Routine Everyday

Keeping up with a skincare routine is a good idea with or without plastic surgery. However, those who have received a non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure from a board certified plastic surgeon are strongly advised to take the very best care of their skin, especially in the immediate weeks that follow their procedure.

Scarring is a natural and almost-always necessary part of recovering from a skin treatment, but they will fade quickly – and blend even better – if you take the time to avoid any extra strain on your scars. You should also keep the treated area of skin clean at all times, and use silicone scar gel to give it extra protection.


2. Indulge in a Well-Balanced Diet and Exercise Regimen

As far as body contouring and weight-loss procedures go, the results are always noticeable – and equally welcomed – almost instantly upon receiving the procedure. If you’ve recently undergone a body lift, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, tummy tuck or any other type of body contouring procedure, it’s more than likely that you are at the final stages of completely evening out your body’s appearance with smoother contours following a massive weight loss.

In order to keep up this slender look, be sure to eat a balanced, healthy diet each day, and make it a point to hit the gym regularly. If you fail to keep the weight off post-surgery, those excess pockets of fat will return. Constant weight gain and weight loss will have a negative effect on your results!


3. Quit Smoking

We all know just how bad smoking is for our overall health and well-being, but if you’re looking to sustain the results of a recent plastic surgery procedure, it’s even more harmful to indulge in the bad habit. In fact, patients who smoke have a high risk of complicating their recovery because inhaling nicotine fills up a person’s body with harmful and toxic chemicals.

Ultimately, this interferes with the body’s constriction of blood vessels, and makes it hard for the body to bring oxygen to the healing tissues from the surgery. If you’ve just received a Botox procedure to tighten up noticeable wrinkles and lines, smoking is extremely counterproductive.


4. Stay Out of the Sun

The results a patient gets from a skin procedure can be tricky to maintain, especially if you’re undergoing treatment during the warm months of spring and summer. Too much exposure to the sun’s rays can make scars on the skin become even more prominent, and can even bring about unwanted itching and irritation.

Staying out of the sun for as long as your plastic surgeon instructs you to is the best possible method for making your plastic surgery results last – and to avoid any mishaps during the healing process. However, if you do need to spend some extra time outdoors, cover up with sunglasses, a hat and appropriate clothing, and smother the treated area with sunscreen that contains a SPF of 30 or higher.


5. Closely Follow your Plastic Surgeon’s Instructions

Following every single instruction your plastic surgeon gives you is a foolproof way to maintain your cosmetic surgery results, regardless of which type of surgery you’ve just had. Depending on what service you have received, post-operative plans will vary. Either way, be sure to take the correct medications and supplements, wear appropriate clothing, maintain the cleanliness of any incisions or scars, and massage any affected areas if need be.


Plastic Surgery in New York

Your plastic surgery procedure results are only as good as the post-operative care you partake in. At Blaine Plastic Surgery, Dr. Christine Blaine makes sure that each patient she sees receives a beneficial follow-up plan that allows for sustained, beautiful results. Contact our Staten Island or Huntington office today to schedule your consultation!

6 Benefits of CoolSculpting


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About the CoolSculpting Procedure in New York

When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with CoolSculpting! A completely innovative treatment that contours your body by freezing unwanted fat, the procedure does not involve surgery. Celebrities like Molly Sims have tried it out, openly praising the treatment’s stunning, quick, and natural-looking results. No wonder why it’s known as “Hollywood’s best kept secret!”

Besides A-list stars, men and women have been undergoing the CoolSculpting technology, and coming out the other side with noticeable results. Here are six reasons why everyone is talking about CoolSculpting, and why you should give the procedure a try:

1.    CoolSculpting is completely safe

There are tons of body contouring procedures on the market, but not all of them are safe. CoolSculpting is the world’s number one procedure that is cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) specifically for the treatment of fat bulges, meeting guidelines that are extremely safe for those who receive it.

2.    CoolSculpting has little to no recovery time

Any procedure that drastically enhances the appearance of a man or woman’s body for the better usually means an extended period of time to recover. However, since CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure, it does not require much downtime – much to the patients’ satisfaction. In fact, during the entire treatment, the patient is allowed to be awake; so once the CoolSculpting procedure is complete, it is okay to return to your normal, daily schedule.

3.    CoolSculpting will give you natural looking results

Compared to other body contouring methods, CoolSculpting brings about the most natural-looking results. The absence of surgery means that there are no scars or marks on the person’s body, so the appearance of the transformed area is perfectly smooth and seemingly unaffected. CoolSculpting is known best for treating the visible fat bulges in the submental area, abdomen, thigh and flank, back fat and the region underneath the buttocks. Each treatment will help reduce a patient’s fat by about 30 percent.

4.    CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive procedure

While some people do not mind undergoing surgery for amazing results, most men and women would agree that it’s more convenient to opt for a procedure that is non-invasive, but still gives them a beautifully sculpted, trimmed body. CoolSculpting is a minimally invasive procedure that is quick, painless and does not require any type of surgery at all – which means no anesthesia or high risk.

5.    You get your money’s worth with CoolSculpting

Men and women who typically choose to try the CoolSculpting technology do so because they can’t seem to get rid of their pesky fat bulges with a proper diet or exercise regimen. That’s where CoolSculpting can help! With ongoing and long lasting results, this procedure helps both men and women get their money’s worth.

6.    Your body does half the work for you

After you meet with a board certified plastic surgeon and discuss a specific treatment plan for your body and needs, the identified fat cells underneath the skin’s surface will be treated with a fixed, controlled cooling. Once the fat cells become frozen, they die. Your body then does the rest of the work by naturally processing these deceased cells, getting rid of them entirely.

CoolSculpting in New York

If you’re tired of an outside appearance that doesn’t align with your own desired self-image – and have experienced a failed attempt at a diet and exercise plan – you can certainly improve your appearance with the innovative, CoolSculpting fat-freezing procedure at Blaine Plastic Surgery.

A plastic surgery hub conveniently located in Huntington, New York, we can be contacted via phone at (631) 470-2000, or by e-mail at Please contact us as soon as possible to set up a consultation for your CoolSculpting procedure!

How Fillers Can Restore Your Youth


Do you ever look in the mirror and see someone different than yourself? You might not believe it, but that older man or woman standing in front of the mirror is you. As we age, we tend to lose our youthful appearance due to factors we can’t control. Our skin becomes dryer, thinner and less able to produce natural collagen and elastin. The amount of Hyaluronic Acid also decreases in our body, leaving our skin more vulnerable to developing fine lines and wrinkles around our nose or mouth. However, there is a solution to getting back your youthful appearance! With dermal and lip fillers, you can restore your youth with an overall fresher look.

What are Fillers and How do They Work?

Dermal fillers add volume to aging skin by lifting and smoothing targeted folds and wrinkles, making you appear naturally younger. They are mainly used for skin rejuvenation and the reduction of lines and wrinkles. There are different types of fillers, including Juvederm, Restylane and Hylaform, which are all noninvasive fillers that contain Hyaluronic Acid (HA). HA is a naturally occurring sugar in the body that adds volume to facial tissue. This substance stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, creating a natural looking fullness that will make you look five to ten years younger. These fillers not only add volume back to your cheeks, but they also lightly lift your cheekbones to reduce the appearance of laugh lines. Facial fillers usually last up to a year, so you will have to undergo repeated injections to maintain your younger appearance.

If you have thinner lips, don’t worry – fillers can fix that too! The aging process can leave your once full lips look practically non-existent. With the help of lip fillers, such as Juvederm and Restylane, you can enhance the overall shape of your lips and add subtle volume. Those fine lines around your lips will disappear and your lips will look more defined than ever. The Restylane filler, primarily used for your lips, can also be used to treat under-eye hollowness. Restylane can add instantaneous volume back to your under-eye area, making the appearance of dark circles less noticeable. In turn, you’ll look well-rested and rejuvenated.

Fillers: Everything You Need to Know About the Procedure

This noninvasive procedure involves using a fine needle to inject the filler underneath your skin. This fills the tissue that has grown soft and eliminates the wrinkles from your face, improving the fullness in your cheekbones or lips. The procedure lasts a total of 30-45 minutes, and patients can expect results to last around one to two years. Fillers are also completely reversible and temporary, so if you don’t like the outcome you can easily reverse the changes. After the procedure there might be light bruising and swelling, but it should not persist any longer than a day.

Find a Plastic Surgeon in New York

Restore your youth at Blaine Plastic Surgery! Dr. Blaine will work with you to find the right filler that best suits your needs. To learn more information about our Juvederm, Restylane and Hylaform fillers, contact Dr. Blaine today at (631)-336-2984 or stop in for a visit in one of our two convenient locations in New York. Either way, we’ll replace your skin’s volume in a way so subtle that everyone will notice, but no one will know.

You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair.

-Samuel Ullman