CoolSculpting for Men

Men, do you have stubborn fat that just won’t go away? Despite dieting and exercise, sometimes that extra fat just won’t budge. Get back your self-confidence with the revolutionary CoolSculpting procedure available at Blaine Plastic Surgery.

CoolSculpting targets the fat cells under the skin by delivering precise and controlled cooling to the fat cells. This cooling effectively freezes the fat cells, causing them to die. Your body is then able to naturally process these dead cells and eliminate them from the body, leaving you looking better than ever. The results are gradual and natural, leaving your body looking better than ever.

CoolSculpting Results in NY

Men who undergo the CoolSculpting procedure at Blaine Plastic Surgery will see amazing results without having to go through an invasive surgical procedure. There is absolutely no downtime with CoolSculpting, and you will be awake the whole time with relatively no discomfort.

With CoolSculpting, men can choose exactly which parts of their body they want sculpted. Dr. Blaine will develop a treatment plan with you to freeze the fat away from your identified problem areas. After the treatment, you can go right back to normal activities. This noninvasive, FDA Approved procedure is both safe and effective in removing visible fat bulge from identified problem areas.

Double Chin Removal

CoolSculpting is popularly being used to remove “double chin” amongst male patients. A double chin is usually hereditary, leaving those working hard on diet and exercise with no other options. CoolSculpting is fast and noninvasive, a quick fix for the double chin problem area.

Side effects include temporary numbness, bruising, and stinging to the affected area. Results will be visible as quickly as 3 weeks after the treatment, but the full effects will be visible after 2 months.

CoolSculpting is recommended for men and women

CoolSculpting is recommended for men and women who don’t want or need the more invasive and dramatic weight loss procedures. CoolSculpting is an excellent alternative for men who want to achieve a more contoured body but do not want the downtime of liposuction. CoolSculpting also provides permanent results so long as the patient maintains their diet and exercise routine.

Get the natural and safe results of a sculpted body at Blaine Plastic Surgery. CoolSculpting for men in Huntington and Staten Island, NY is now available! Call Blaine Plastic Surgery today at 631-204-8860 to learn more about CoolSculpting for men in New York!

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