Non-Invasive Fat-Freezing Procedure in New York

Everyone’s body accumulates fat at a different rate – and in different places – depending on a variety of factors, including age, genetics, diet, lifestyle and gender. However, both men and women alike are able to benefit from CoolSculpting. This non-invasive method of fat reduction is simple, effective and highly recommended for those who don’t have enough fat for a dramatic weight loss procedure, but still desire to sculpt and tone body fat in certain areas.

CoolSculpting: How it Works

An FDA-cleared treatment, CoolSculpting is a safe procedure that removes any visible fat bulges from identified areas on a person’s body. Upon scheduling a consultation and discussing the desired outcome and areas to be worked on, Dr. Blaine will create a specialized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. One of the most popular areas being treated is the “double chin,” as patients report feeling uncomfortable with excess fat around this particular area.

Once the treatment plan is put into place, Dr. Blaine will utilize CoolSculpting to reach the specific, previously identified fat cells under your skin via fixed and controlled cooling to the fat cells. By doing so, the fat cells become entirely frozen, causing them to die. Once this step is complete, your body does the rest of the work by naturally processing the dead cells and extracting them.

Fast and Painless Fat Reduction Results  

One of the main reasons our patients love CoolSculpting? The recovery time is almost nonexistent, as you are able to return to your normal day-to-day activities as soon as the procedure is complete. Because the procedure allows you to be awake and aware the entire time, patients also enjoy the fact that they do not need to be put under anesthesia and report little to no discomfort while being worked on.

Side effects are few and far between, including temporary numbness, bruising, and stinging to the treated area(s). Patients can expect to see results as soon as one month post-treatment, with the final results visible after three months. Most importantly, those who receive the procedure can expect ongoing, natural-looking results.

Schedule Your CoolSculpting Treatment in New York Today

Any man or woman who is looking to contour their body and get rid of any extra fat should look no further than Blaine Plastic Surgery’s CoolSculpting procedure. With fast results, minimal recovery time and safe/effective technology, CoolSculpting has countless number of benefits that keep patients looking and feeling their absolute best. Please contact our office at 631-470-2000 with any questions, inquiries or to schedule your CoolSculpting procedure today!

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