Have Your Skin Glow with Halo

Unavoidable factors such as age and sun exposure can leave skin feeling and looking less than perfect. This can lead to men and women to not feel confident in their appearance. Fortunately, a recent breakthrough in skincare has allowed Dr. Blaine to help her patients love the skin they are in!

Used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Ryan Seacrest, Halo is a laser treatment that targets skin using a hybrid fractional laser. By precisely targeting the right depth, Halo eliminates years of skin damage, including sunspots and fine lines. This procedure will leave your skin radiant with little to no downtime!

The Halo Skincare Treatment Process

Using two types of lasers, Halo delivers ablative and non-ablative wavelengths to microscopic treatment zones on the skin. With separate treatments for your epidermis and dermis, Halo provides amazing results with non-ablative downtime.

During your treatment, Dr. Blaine will meet with you to evaluate your skin and discuss what results you would like to achieve. She will then choose from one of three treatment levels, as Halo figures out the perfect amount of energy that is needed to complete a safe treatment. The ablative laser targets small sections inside the skin, minimizing wrinkles by increasing collagen and elastin production. You can expect to receive numbing cream to help decrease pain levels in targeted areas of the skin. The Halo treatment itself only lasts for about 20 minutes.

Optimal and Long-Lasting Results with Halo

Halo technology primarily targets the epidermis and dermis, reducing the appearance of pore size, decreasing brown spots and evening out skin tone and texture. Other benefits of Halo treatment include the correction of sun damage, improvement of fine lines, diminished wrinkle appearance, scar revision, increased reflectivity and overall facial glow.

Because of its intelligent energy delivery and Dynamic Thermal Optimization, patients can expect to receive an even treatment every time. More importantly, recovery time is only a few days versus a few weeks. In fact, once the inflammation has subsided and the skin has fully healed, patients report a total of five days maximum to see the amazing, worthwhile results.

Schedule a Halo Procedure in New York

Don’t wait any longer! Get your glow back with Halo at Dr. Blaine’s office today. A quick procedure with minimal downtime, this treatment truly allows your skin to look its very best.No matter the severity of your skin damage, Halo can help restore a youthful appearance to the skin on your face.With two convenient locations in Huntington and Staten Island, New York, restoring your skin is only a short drive away. For more information about this procedure or to schedule your treatment, please contact our office at 631-336-2984.

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