Skin Rejuvenation for Men

Many men often complain that they look older than they feel. For men, signs of aging skin often make it difficult for them to compete with a younger generation for jobs and dating. Instead of looking old and tired, get an edge on the competition. Men in New York now have access to a full line of skin rejuvenation procedures at Blaine Plastic Surgery.

Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Options

Skin Rejuvenation for men includes a wide range of treatment options depending on your individual goals. Dr. Blaine of Blaine Plastic Surgery will meet with you to discuss your aesthetic goals so that we can meet and exceed your expectations.

Choose from these popular procedures amongst men in New York to get started looking younger!

Laser Resurfacing

Dr. Blaine proudly offers laser treatments for men. Laser technology is popularly used for hair removal, but it can also be utilized to keep skin looking younger and healthier. The laser will remove the skin layer by layer, allowing new skin cells to develop, resulting in smoother and more youthful skin.

BBL Hair Removal

Blaine Plastic Surgery offers BBL Hair Removal Therapy for men looking to clean up unsightly body hair from certain areas of their bodies. This revolutionary procedure targets and destroys the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding tissue. This results in pain-free, smooth, hairless skin in the desired areas. The most popular BBL Hair Removal spots for men are the chest, back, and pubic areas.


At Blaine Plastic Surgery we offer a wide range of dermal fillers for men looking to restore volume lost to their face due to the natural aging process. Filler locations for men often differ to the fillers women prefer. Dr. Blaine consults with each patient to ensure his or her desired appearance is achievable.


The popularity of Botox for men has been increasing rapidly over the past decade. With less of a stigma surrounding cosmetic procedures, men are beginning to reap the benefits and ease that Botox provides. Dr. Blaine will expertly inject Botox into the desired area, leaving you with a natural but youthful appearance.


The revolutionary CoolSculpting procedure allows Dr. Blaine to target the fat cells on your body and freeze them away! CoolSculpting freezes the targeted fat cells, causing them to die. They are then naturally eliminated from the body, leaving patients with a more sculpted figure. CoolSculpting is gentle enough to be used anywhere on the body. Men often choose to eliminate their double chin and to smooth the abdomen.

Kybella Injections

No one likes a double chin. Now, men in New York can get rid of their double chin with Kybella injections offered through Blaine Plastic Surgery. Regardless of your weight or amount you exercise, double chins are often hereditary. Kybella is an injection that destroys the fat cells in the area. Each session is about 15-30 minutes long, and most patients only need a couple sessions to get rid of their double chin!

To learn more about all of the skin rejuvenation treatments for men in New York, contact Blaine Plastic Surgery today. Call us at 631-204-8860 to get started.

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