Staten Island, NY Breast Reduction

Staten Island, NY Breast Reduction

Breast Hypertrophy is the medical term for large breasts. While some patients seek out breast augmentation to achieve large breasts, just as many patients suffer from the opposite problem. Whether your breasts are naturally too large for you or large due to implants, the breast reduction procedure is available in Staten Island by the experts at Blaine Plastic Surgery.

Large breasts tend to cause back and neck pain because they stretch the nerves, causing the patient to compensate for the strain by walking and standing differently. The women that come into our Staten Island office considering breast reduction often have bad posture due to the years of strain from their large breasts. The three indications that a patient is a good candidate for our breast reduction procedure are:

  • Physical: Your breasts cause you back and neck pain.
  • Emotional: You feel self-conscious about your bust. Patients often report low self-esteem because of their overly large breasts.
  • Aesthetic: You want breasts that better fit your size and frame to meet your aesthetic goals.

A breast reduction surgery, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, removes excess breast fat, skin, and glandular tissue in order to achieve the patient’s desired breast size. The professionals at our Staten Island office consult with each patient to help them decide on a breast size that will be proportionate with their frame and increase comfort.

The surgeons at the Staten Island office of Blaine Plastic Surgery make it a goal to ensure functional sensitivity and lactation capabilities of the breasts. During the procedure, Dr. Blaine will make an incision in the breasts so that excess skin and tissue can be removed. If necessary, the nipple and areola will be removed and re-positioned to look more aesthetically pleasing on the smaller breast. The entire procedure will take less than 2 hours, and is performed under general anesthesia.

Recovery from a breast reduction surgery in Staten Island takes approximately two weeks. However, patients should continue to wear their surgical bra and avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for four to six weeks after the procedure.

If you are in the Staten Island, NY area and interested in achieving physical, emotional, and aesthetic improvement through a breast reduction surgery, then contact Blaine Plastic Surgery today. As the trusted plastic surgery group in the tri-state area, we look forward to consulting with you to help you achieve the body and bust you desire.

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