Staten Island, NY Mommy Makeover

Staten Island, NY Mommy Makeover

Calling all new moms in the Staten Island area! There is nothing more wonderful than bringing a life into the world. However, at Blaine Plastic Surgery we are sensitive to how difficult it can be to get the pre-baby body back, especially when you want to spend each and every moment with your bundle of joy. During pregnancy your body goes through dramatic changes to prepare for childbirth, leaving women unconfident in their altered appearance after childbirth.

Even if you are able to lose the baby weight: stubborn fat, excess skin, sagging breasts and stretch marks often remain. With the mommy makeover in Staten Island, Blaine Plastic Surgery is able to restore your body to even better looking than your pre-pregnancy body.

Staten Island Mommy Makeover

We offer Staten Island moms a wide variety of procedures and options to cater to your exact desires. Our goal at Blaine Plastic Surgery is to give you a body you are confident to show off to the world. Go out in the world with confidence with your beautiful baby in Staten Island.

For Staten Island moms, we recommend the following procedures as a part of our popular mommy makeover package:

  • Breast Lift: After giving birth, your breasts tend to lose the volume they once had, causing them to sag. A breast lift will pull them back up so that they sit higher on the chest for a more youthful look.
  • Breast Reduction: Some women find that after giving birth, their breasts are too large for their frame, causing back pain and inconvenience finding clothes that fit right. A breast reduction will ease these issues.
  •  Breast Augmentation: Are you already missing the breasts you had while pregnant? A breast augmentation in Staten Island will bring back those voluptuous breasts you have always wanted.
  • Breast Revision: For those that have already had implants, sometimes a pregnancy or time itself can make the implants look less than ideal. A breast revision in Staten Island will improve the existing implants so that the breasts appear more natural and attractive.
  •  Genital Rejuvenation: An unfortunate part of giving birth is the cosmetic affects it leaves on the genital region of a women’s body. Women in Staten Island may be left with a large or protruding labia minora (the folds of skin surrounding the opening of the vagina) making sexual intercourse uncomfortable or embarrassing. Dr. Blaine’s team in Staten Island is sensitive to your concerns, and will work to address this and any other cosmetic issues.
  •  Liposuction: Have all that difficult excess fat removed mechanically by the professionals at Blaine.
  •  Liposuction Alternatives: Want something less invasive than liposuction? Dr. Blaine has several alternatives to liposuction available to meet your needs.
  •  Scars & Stretch Marks: New moms are often left with unsightly stretch marks after giving birth. Thanks to new innovations in Staten Island, we will have those stretch marks gone in no time at all.
  •  Skin Rejuvenation: Rejuvenate your skin after giving birth with many of the treatment options available at Blaine Plastic Surgery. We will return that pregnancy “glow” back to your beautiful face.
  • Tummy Tuck: Sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough to restore your body back to its pre-pregnancy state. A tummy tuck will leave you with a contoured, tight midsection that you will be thrilled to show off.

Congratulations to all the new moms and moms-to-be. We are excited to help give you back a body that you feel comfortable taking on the world with, with your new baby. Contact Blaine Plastic Surgery today to learn more about the mommy makeover in Staten Island.


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