CoolSculpting in Huntington, NY

CoolSculpting Treatments in Huntington, New York

Huntington, New York is one of the ten townships in beautiful Suffolk County. The affluent area is the county’s fourth largest town in terms of population, a place that almost 205,000 people proudly call home. Huntington is a township known best for its extremely desirable landscape, nestled between the Long Island Sound on the north side, and the towns of Smithtown, Babylon and Oyster Bay to its east, south and west. Apart of the New York metropolitan region, Huntington is also home to Blaine Plastic Surgery’s office, where the cutting edge, fat-reduction procedure, CoolSculpting, is offered.


Non-Invasive Fat-Freezing Procedure in Suffolk County, NY

Both men and women in Huntington can reap the benefits of CoolSculpting. As an FDA-cleared procedure that targets specific areas of fat accumulated on a person’s body, Dr. Blaine uses CoolSculpting to target fat cells with controlled cooling. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates it, leaving a more sculpted you!


Huntington Residents Obtain Quick Results with CoolSculpting

Those that live in Huntington and receive the CoolSculpting procedure at Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to long-lasting results. A popular area targeted during CoolSculpting by Huntington men and women Is the “double chin,” but other areas of the body where fat bulges exist are also worked on as well.

Huntington residents also love the fact that they can enjoy their CoolSculpting results with an almost non-existent recovery time. Patients have reported returning to their daily routine as soon as the procedure is over. While Huntington men and women report that side effects are usually mild – and rarely occur at all – there is a chance you can experience temporary, stinging and numbness within the treated areas. All in all, Huntington residents who received the CoolSculpting procedure saw results as quick as one month after their treatment, and the final results in only three months.


Schedule a CoolSculpting Treatment in Huntington, NY

If you reside in Huntington and are interested in gaining amazing, fat-reducing results for specific areas of your body, please do not hesitate to contact our office at Blaine Plastic Surgery by calling (631) 470-2000. We would be happy to provide you more information about this life changing treatment.

At our full-service plastic surgery center, we offer the most cutting edge procedures, which of course includes CoolSculpting. Huntington residents can easily access our office, which is located right in town at 775 Park Avenue in Suite 205. We look forward to hearing from you!

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