Why Winter is the Perfect Season for a Halo Treatment

Why Winter is the Perfect Season for a Halo Treatment


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4 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Halo Procedure in NY this Winter

Releasing your inner glow has never been easier, all thanks to Halo. A worthwhile skin treatment that is offered at select plastic surgery centers, Halo is a mix between deep dermal rejuvenation and epidermal renewal. Utilizing the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, the treatment is non-invasive and requires little to no downtime. As winter continues to make itself known, consider these four reasons why you should schedule your Halo appointment this season:

1.    Halo helps hydrates beat-up skin that winter brings about

As the frigid temperatures of winter drop lower than we may like to see, it’s almost a reflex to crank the heat up inside of our cars, homes and workplace offices upon instance. While that heat does keep us nice and toasty, it does quite a number on our skin. The mix of hot and cold makes it extremely irritated, blotchy, red and completely dried out. The Halo treatment will improve your skin’s damaged tone and texture, all while bringing about a fresh new glow that’s not easy to find during the winter months.

2.    There’s a lot more time to effectively recover 

Even though Halo is a skin correcting procedure with little to no downtime, it still takes a designated period for the results to show completely, and for your freshly treated skin to heal. So if you receive the Halo treatment during this time of year, it’s a lot easier to give yourself the time you need to fully recover accordingly, and allow those results to shine through in the most effective manner. Not to mention, the snow, sleet and cool air are all primary reasons people tend to stick around indoors throughout the winter season. This means you won’t be missing out on anything while your skin desensitizes itself – another benefit to receiving the Halo treatment during the winter.

3.    Halo prepares your skin for the warmer seasons ahead

For those non-winter lovers, looking forward to the much warmer, brighter and cheerful days of the spring and summer is enough to get through the chilly winter months. When you opt for the Halo treatment during these cooler days, you’re virtually setting your skin up for its most beautiful, radiant appearance possible – a big bonus to those who love the warmer temperatures to come. Because the Halo results gradually improve with time – regardless of the changes you’ll see in a matter of weeks after the session – the collagen production becomes more stimulated, and therefore more noticeable by the time those first flowers bloom in April.

4.    You can easily avoid the sun post treatment

As previously noted, those who receive Halo during the winter can easily hang out and recover indoors, thanks to the freezing weather conditions. Another advantage? This newfound time inside makes it that much easier to avoid direct sunlight, which is a recommendation most certified plastic surgeons make to their patients upon getting the Halo treatment done. Because the treatment involves the use of a laser, it automatically makes the skin more susceptible to sun damage. Nevertheless, when you do make inevitable and brief appearances outside during the winter months after your treatment session, be sure to wear scarves and sunblock!

Halo Treatments in New York

Improve your skin’s complexion with the highly rated, highly effective Halo treatment. Your Halo treatment is a completely customizable plan that drastically improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, tone and texture, in addition to reducing the size of pores, and increasing your skin’s glow. Halo is a non-invasive procedure with little to no downtime, creating results that only become stronger with time.

We are proud to offer Halo treatments at Blaine Plastic Surgery, and encourage men and women alike to contact our office at (631) 470-2000 to schedule your consultation. Winter is clearly the best time for this treatment, so we’d love to hear from you as soon as possible!

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