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Plastic Surgery and other medically supervised aesthetic treatments are increasingly popular because they are  safe and effective ways to enhance your appearance. When you schedule an appointment with Blaine Plastic Surgery, you can be rest-assured knowing that you are being offered science-backed, results-driven and medically sound solutions to all of your aesthetic concerns.  Whether you are seeking surgical or non-surgical improvements, Blaine Plastic Surgery is proud to offer a full range of solutions to meet your needs, goals, budget and lifestyle.


A body that looks and feels healthy and fit is something many of us strive for through exercise, healthy lifestyle, and weight control.  However, despite our best efforts and intentions, these methods cannot always achieve our goals due to the effects of aging, genetics, pregnancy, injury, and/or weight fluctuations.  Dr. Blaine and her team offer a wide range of options to help you love the way your body looks and feels.

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Dr. Blaine specializes in breast surgery and offers her surgical expertise in both the cosmetic and reconstructive arenas. Patients seeking Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Breast Reduction, or Breast Reconstruction trust Dr. Blaine’s skill and also her bedside manner and empathy as a fellow woman.  

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Your face is a big part of what makes you YOU.  It is natural to want your face to reflect what you want to portray to the world- a person who is happy, youthful, healthy and full of life.  Blaine Plastic Surgery offers procedures for the face that can restore your healthy, youthful appearance and create facial balance and harmony.  Dr. Blaine understands the importance of looking natural and will take this into account when customizing a treatment plan for you.

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The field of plastic surgery is not limited to cosmetic procedures. The reconstructive aspect is an important part of Dr. Blaine’s work as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  As a surgeon on call at many local area hospitals, she routinely sees patients post-trauma and continues their care in office. Patients seeking aesthetic or functional reconstruction post-skin cancer or breast cancer can take comfort in Dr. Blaine’s abilities in both aspects of the plastic surgery field.  

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Men today want to look fit and healthy while maintaining a natural and masculine appearance.  Injectable treatments, facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, and plastic surgery are all viable options for men who want to take control of the way they look and and make improvements to their appearance.  

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Comfortable, safe and zero downtime- CoolSculpting offers permanent fat reduction in 35 minute in-office sessions.  This non-surgical treatment can be performed anywhere stubborn fat is a concern- abdomen, thighs, arms, even under the chin.  Blaine Plastic Surgery is proud to be recognized as a Preferred Level CoolSculpting provider, offering consistent positive patient outcomes across all treatment areas.  

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Injectable treatments are increasingly common, but it remains important to make sure you are in the hands of trained aesthetic medical professionals who have hands on experience with the myriad products on the market and also have intimate knowledge of facial anatomy.  Whether your sights are set on anti-aging, prevention or subtle enhancement, the providers at Blaine Plastic Surgery have the experience to deliver you natural-looking, lasting results.

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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Optimal skin health is a life-long journey and Blaine Plastic Surgery has the medical grade skincare solutions to bring you results in every stage of the game.  Radiofrequency devices, microneedling, PRP, chemical peels, and lasers can work to undo the damaging effects of the sun and aging, while dermaplaning, microdermabrasion and Hydrafacials boost and maintain a healthy and beautiful complexion.

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Blaine Plastic Surgery partners with only the most effective medical grade skincare products, all designed to help you maintain the results you’re achieving with your in-office treatments.  The skincare specialists at Blaine Plastic Surgery will help you develop an effective at-home regimen that keeps your complexion clear, youthful and well protected.

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Plastic Surgery in New York

From body to breast, to face and skin, Dr. Blaine and her team at Blaine Plastic Surgery have your every solution for aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery and medical aesthetic treatments.  With office locations in Huntington, Long Island and Staten Island, New York Blaine Plastic Surgery is your go-to comprehensive aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery center that is proportionately private and welcoming.