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Scars can often be unwanted memories of trauma or an obvious blemish on an otherwise beautiful surgical result. When an injury penetrates the dermis (deeper layers of the skin), the normal body reaction is to trigger a collagen-inducing response in an effort to repair this damage. Collagen is a natural protein found within the body, and when our bodies stimulate this ‘repair response,’ the result is the formation of a scar. At Blaine Plastic Surgery, we offer scar removal treatment to diminish the appearance of scars at our clinics in Huntington, Manhattan and Staten Island, NY.

If your body can’t generate just the right amount of this skin-repairing protein, the result is often a sunken scar (atrophic). Other times if your body churns out too much of this protein, the result is a raised (hypertrophic) scar. Additionally, there are people whose bodies tend to be more prone to scarring, and sometimes a scar’s appearance is exacerbated by certain medical conditions, genetics and/or the patient’s lifestyle. Different parts of the body can also respond differently to injury, which is why it is hard to predict the way that scars will heal immediately post-injury or post-operatively. Regardless of how or why the scar has occurred, the experts at Blaine Plastic Surgery can help diminish and improve upon the appearance of scars and allow you to live free from its distraction.

Types of Scar Revision Treatments

The type of scar can determine the treatment needed to remove or diminish the appearance. Some of the types of scar revision treatments we offer include:

Patients can be hesitant to explore the various options for treating their scars. That reluctance often comes from the sensitive nature of the subject and from frustration in not finding prior relief. Our kind, compassionate staff will listen to you and help create a realistic and customized treatment plan that may include injectable treatments like steroids, fillers or surface treatments to induce collagen production and resurface the skin.

To learn more about our scar removal treatments, contact Blaine Plastic Surgery at any of our locations in Huntington, NYC or Staten Island to schedule a consultation.

Patients of Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their very best.