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If you have a skin cancer lesion that must be removed, there is a good chance your doctor or dermatologist will recommend Mohs surgery. By removing the lesion and the surrounding tissue, many skin cancer lesions can be effectively treated and stopped from spreading. Dr. Christine Blaine at Blaine Plastic Surgery in New York offers Mohs repair surgery, cosmetically repairing the skin and tissue after the Mohs surgical procedure is performed.

Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are very common diagnoses and, fortunately, yield a very high treatment success rate. While malignant melanomas are a more serious medical concern, with early diagnosis and treatment, there is often a high success rate in treating these lesions as well. Mohs surgery, performed in a dermatologist’s office, is considered the most precise and effective technique for treating many of these carcinomas and melanomas. However, it can leave defects in the tissue so large or so specifically located, that they require plastic surgery intervention. After your Mohs procedure is complete and your dermatologist has determined that the affected area (and all margins) is cancer free, Dr. Blaine can effectively and precisely repair the defect to ensure proper function and appearance afterward.

Cosmetic Repair After Mohs Surgery

Most skin cancers are on areas of skin that are commonly exposed. This includes the face, neck, shoulders, chest and arms. When Mohs surgery is performed, layers of skin and tissue are removed until the is no evidence of cancer cells in the layer removed. While effective, this can leave a noticeable “hole” where the procedure occurred.

Dr. Blaine is a board certified plastic surgeon with many years of experience providing cosmetic tissue repairs. Using skin grafts and other techniques, Dr. Blaine can minimize the damage caused by the skin cancer and subsequent Mohs surgery to achieve the desired effect.

If you have Mohs surgery scheduled and are concerned with the scarring or cosmetic damage, contact us at Blaine Plastic Surgery today. We can schedule a consultation with Dr. Blaine to discuss Mohs repair surgery at our clinics in NYC, Huntington and Staten Island, NY.

Patients of Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their very best.