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Non-surgical facelift procedures are opening doors to patients in Huntington, Staten Island and New York, NY. At Blaine Plastic Surgery, a Y Lift non-surgical facelift gives you the option to avoid intrusive, painful surgery that can result in extensive downtime from work and play. As a minimally invasive facial procedure, this cosmetic option for restoring youthful aesthetics in 30 to 45 minutes is nothing short of revolutionary.

Based on proven science that focuses treatment on restoring the natural “Y” shaped contours that denote youthful facial anatomy, a Y Lift can roll back the years. The first of these contours runs from the chin to the cheekbones and then diagonally to the corners of the eyes, creating a “Y” shape. The second contour starts at the same point on the chin but diverges along the jawline on either side.

The basic principle is that the natural contour begins to lose volume as a person ages, resulting in a distortion of the “Y” shape. Treatment is therefore concentrated on restoring the symmetry of each line to tighten up the face and significantly improve volume for a youthful appearance.

What is a Y Lift Facelift?

A titanium tool that is specially designed to produce precision results is used to adjust muscles into the desired position. Your cosmetic surgeon will then inject hyaluronic acid fillers in specific areas to support the repositioned muscle. Both the filler and muscle work together to maintain placement before facial sculpting is performed to complete the effect.

The Y Lift procedure is not performed in the same way as fillers that are injected into the skin using needles. This is a specialized treatment option that is carried out under local anesthetic at our Blaine Plastic Surgery offices. When you opt for this innovative and minimally invasive procedure, expect to see results that last between two to four years.

The outcomes from a Y Lift include lifted cheekbones and improved definition. If you suffer from under-eye aging issues, the procedure can eliminate hollowness. The shape and appearance of the jawline become more defined, which in turn results in lifting the upper neck. All these benefits combine to produce a more youthful and natural-looking face.

Y Lift Consultation & Ideal Candidates

Both male and female patients in the state of New York can benefit from a Y Lift. If you are between the ages of 20 to 90, you may be a suitable candidate for the procedure. The results for female patients include accentuation of the cheekbones, reduction of under-eye hollowness, better jawline definition and elevation of the upper neck. For male patients, more masculine facial anatomy, including a stronger and better-defined jawline, is achieved.

If you are a younger patient and want to redefine the elevation of your cheekbones, a Y Lift may be the ideal solution. The procedure will also add definition to your jawline to create a symmetrical appearance that is pleasing to the eye. The outcomes from a Y Lift are also influenced by general facial anatomy, allowing each patient to achieve a unique aesthetic.

At Blaine Plastic Surgery, our team provides patients with a full and impartial consultation. We will discuss the viability and expected outcomes from a Y Lift before making recommendations. Our non-surgical, minimally invasive and surgical treatments provide a range of options to suit the needs of every patient.

If you believe that a Y Lift will produce the look you hope to achieve, take the time to consult with Blaine Plastic Surgery today. Contact our New York office to learn more or to book an appointment.

Patients of Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their very best.