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Get the Body You Want with CoolSculpting

A slim woman sitting on a bed.

It can be challenging to find sufficient time in the day to commit to a workout regimen that results in the physical perfection we would like to see, with the demands of work, family and social obligations. But sometimes, even if you find the time to exercise and diet, you still have stubborn fat pockets.…

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Three Transformative Reasons to get Botox


Botox® is one of the most accessible and affordable options in cosmetic enhancements. As a non-invasive treatment, you won’t need to worry about excessive healing or downtime. There are also several ways that Botox can change your appearance for the better. Reducing the impact of aging is the most common use associated with Botox. However,…

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Healthy Reasons to Pursue Plastic Surgery

smiling woman holding forearm

It is often thought that plastic surgery is purely for aesthetic purposes. However, many patients opt for treatments due to health concerns. There are a range of procedures that can make you look and feel better. When you work with Blaine Plastic Surgery, discovering the benefits of each option is an educational experience. Reconstruction Surgeries…

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Men Can Benefit from Facial Rejuvenation

Handsome youngish looking man examining his face in a mirror.

Men deserve to feel good about their appearance. With facial rejuvenation, you can discreetly freshen up features such as the skin, lips, cheeks and brow. Improving your aesthetic appeal could open doors to new opportunities in NYC. Whether you want to maintain a masculine look or soften your features, Blaine Plastic Surgery has solutions. We…

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Are Your Thighs Ruining that Perfect Beach Body?

Slim woman sunbathing on a beach.

Some women work out and diet to achieve the perfect figure. Unfortunately, certain body areas will not respond to all the work you put in. For example, the thighs can harbor fatty deposits and suffer from excess skin. No amount of time at the gym or watching what you eat is likely to resolve these…

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Enjoy More Youthful Skin with a BBL Photofacial

Joyful youthful mature woman with perfect skin.

Do you have discolorations, uneven skin tone or evidence of sun damage on your skin? Most people notice changes to their skin tone as they get older, especially those who have enjoyed many days in the sun. UV rays and aging can change the appearance of your skin, but laser treatments can reverse some of…

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Qwo™ Injections Effectively Eliminate Cellulite Once and for All


Do you have unwanted cellulite you cannot get rid of, even with a good diet and workout routine? It is a common problem. Removing those dimples is a challenge. Topical creams are not long-lasting (if they work at all), leaving surgery as the best choice – until now. At Blaine Plastic Surgery, we offer a…

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Scar Revision Treatments Can Remove Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Scar Revision Treatments Can Remove Acne Scars Did you know that you shed about 40,000 skin cells every hour, equaling to nearly nine pounds per year? As new skin cells push their way to the surface, the older ones above them eventually reach the top and fall off. Unfortunately, those dead cells can clog up…

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Have You Considered Otoplasty for Your Protruding Ears?

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, also called cosmetic ear surgery, can address many ear issues for adults and children as young as five years old. However, otoplasty is most popular among people who want to “pin back” their protruding ears. While protruding ears usually don’t affect function or hearing, some people try to hide them because they’re self-conscious about…

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What Can Be Done About Moobs (Man-boobs)?

Case #37 Gynecomastia Reduction

Women are not alone in concern about their appearance, especially regarding their chest. However, in contrast to women, men generally don’t want to see moobs in the mirror. For many, Gynecomastia (an increase in breast tissue in men) is embarrassing and may cause body image stress or anxiety. You may be surprised to learn that…

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Patients of Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their very best.

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