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The soft flexible cartilage and tissue of the earlobe are easily pierced and also easily torn in the right circumstances. Many men and women have ear piercings that become enlarged or torn completely through the bottom of the earlobe and may require ear surgery. Dr. Christine Blaine at Blaine Plastic Surgery is a board certified plastic surgeon who can quickly perform torn earlobe repair at our clinics in Midtown Manhattan, Huntington and Staten Island, NY.

Most women and many men have ear piercings, and even children may have ear piercings in infancy. The earlobe can be pierced with little pain and heals quickly to leave a hole that can be used for adorning jewelry. Some ear piercings are tiny, made for just a small post. Others are larger to hold gauges. Regardless of the size of the piercing, force can pull an earring through the remaining tissue, tearing the earlobe in half.

Torn or stretched earlobes can occur due to wearing heavy jewelry for extended periods of time. Trauma can also rip an earlobe if the earring is pulled through during an accident or as a violent act. Whatever the cause, most earlobe repairs can be performed in about an hour by our plastic surgeon, Dr. Christine Blaine.

Earlobe Surgery

For torn earlobe repair, the scar tissue or skin that created the piercing must be removed and the earlobe stitched together. This can allow the earlobe to heal and become whole again. Depending on the amount of damage and stretching to the earlobe, it may need to be reshaped or trimmed to be reformed.

Dr. Blaine can repair stretched ear piercing or torn earlobes in her office with local anesthesia. The procedure is minimally invasive and outpatient. Once the earlobe is repaired, it must be allowed to completely heal. In most cases, the earlobe can be pierced again once the skin and tissue are healed.

If you have a torn earlobe and want it repaired, contact us at Blaine Plastic Surgery. We can schedule an office repair with Dr. Blaine at one of our clinics in New York.

Patients of Blaine Plastic Surgery can look forward to gaining self-confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their very best.