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Consuming nutrient-dense foods after a facelift can improve comfort and well-being during recovery while maximizing the longevity of the results. Eating certain foods can also help alleviate bruising and swelling, which are common side effects of surgery.

Healing Foods to Enhance Your Facelift Recovery

These are some excellent foods to include in your post-surgery diet to aid in the healing process:

  • Vitamin-rich veggies and fruit – particularly berries, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli – can enhance energy and lower the risk of illness.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, found in eggs and fatty fish – such as trout and salmon – can help reduce bruising and inflammation.
  • Constipation is a common side effect of the anesthetics and painkillers used during facelift surgery. Fiber-rich foods that promote regularity and digestion – like apples, lentils and whole grains – help healing and recovery.
  • Foods that reduce inflammation – such as almonds, pineapple and blueberries – can relieve swelling while avoiding infections and other issues.
  • Flushing anesthetics and drugs out with pure water will help keep your organs and skin hydrated and healthy.

Facelift Recovery Advice

In addition to staying hydrated and eating nutritious food, consider these post-surgery tips:

  • Do not smoke. This is almost always recommended after any surgical procedure. Smoking can slow the healing process and harm general health. It can also cause wrinkles, which might be one of the underlying reasons for undergoing facelift surgery.
  • Aspirin and other blood-thinning drugs, as well as ginseng and ginkgo supplements, should not be taken as they can interfere with anesthetics and bleeding.
  • Strictly adhere to the post-surgery guidelines provided by your medical team. They will cover things like changing bandages, maintaining a clean wound site and which activities you must temporarily avoid.
  • Get plenty of sleep and avoid doing too much. It takes time to heal.

Facelift Surgery in NYC

If you are in New York City and want to learn more about what to eat and avoid after getting a facelift, contact us at Blaine Plastic Surgery today to schedule your initial consultation. We offer various facelift procedures at our Staten Island or Huntington locations.

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