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Acne Scars

Scar Revision Treatments Can Remove Acne Scars

Did you know that you shed about 40,000 skin cells every hour, equaling to nearly nine pounds per year? As new skin cells push their way to the surface, the older ones above them eventually reach the top and fall off. Unfortunately, those dead cells can clog up pores along with bacteria and oils, resulting in acne (inflammation of blemishes).

Why Some People Get Acne Scars

Acne sometimes causes scars. If the breakout penetrates the skin deeply enough, it damages the tissues underneath. The body then has to treat it as a wound.

Every person’s body responds differently to a wound, determining the ‘scar or no scar’ outcome. While everyone’s bodies create collagen to repair skin damage, some produce more or less of it than necessary. As a result, scarring happens.

The Different Types of Acne Scars

When the body produces excess collagen, raised scars will appear (hypertrophic or keloid scars); with too little collagen, pits or indentations appear (atrophic scars).

Hypertrophic or keloid scars are usually found on the back, chest, shoulders and jawline, resulting from chest and back acne. Atrophic scars are generally found on the face, resulting in uneven, textured skin.

There are several solutions to smooth the protrusions on the body or fill the indents on the face. At Blaine Plastic Surgery, we offer various scar revision treatments because each particular scar type responds best to specific treatments. Sometimes, more than one method is necessary, and our knowledgeable staff will create a customized treatment plan suited to your needs.

Treatments for Acne Scars

Exfoliation or resurfacing procedures: These treatments help create a smoother texture by removing the top layer of old skin, allowing newer, smoother skin to grow in with fewer scars. These procedures include PCA Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing (Fractora and Halo).

Microneedling: This treatment involves a needle-studded roller that punctures the skin, forcing it to produce collagen to heal the micro-wounds.

Injections: There are two types – dermal filler injections and steroid injections. One adds volume under the scars to even out the skin’s texture while the other flattens and fades scars, respectively. Dermal filler injections are temporary, offering a quick solution. Steroid injections flatten scars by softening the fibrous tissue.

These treatments usually require multiple sessions for a noticeable effect or repeated sessions to maintain the improved appearance.

Acne Scar Treatment in New York

Do not waste another day being frustrated about your acne scars. Instead, contact us at Blaine Plastic Surgery if you are ready to reduce the appearance of your scars or visit one of our clinics. We have locations in Huntington, Manhattan and Staten Island, NY.

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