Better Your Skin with ZO Skin Health’s Best-Rated Products

Blaine Plastic Surgery only offers the best skin care products on the market, which is why we are proud to carry ZO Skin Health’s product line in both of our New York plastic surgery centers. ZO Skin Health products are all-inclusive and highly rated, whether a patient simply wants to most effectively cleanse their skin or receive a deeper or more targeted skin care treatment.

Why Choose ZO Skin Health Products?

ZO Skin Health products, developed by Dr. Obagi and ZO Skin Health, Inc., utilize the latest and most innovative skin care solutions in order to optimize skin health. Each of the ZO Skin Health products are formulated based on the newest advances in skin therapy technologies, with unique delivery systems, bio-engineered complexes and highly successful formulations. ZO Skin Health products are so unique because of their outstanding results and the seamless pairing of these products with the aesthetic treatments offered at Blaine Plastic Surgery.

Cleaning, Exfoliating, and Toning with ZO Skin Health

The ZO Skin Care Getting Skin Ready line is a great introductory kit that includes products for cleansing, exfoliating and toning a patient’s face. These products remove irritants and surface debris from skin, polish skin to restore a smoother texture and balance the natural pH levels.

  • Gentle Cleanser
  • Exfoliating Polish
  • Completion Renewal Pads
  • Daily Power Defense

ZO Skin Health Products for Treatment

ZO Skin Health treatment products maximize the functionality of a patient’s skin barrier to achieve greater results. Whether a patient requires pretreatment before a deep resurfacing laser treatment, suffers from melasma and other hyperpigmentation issues, wishes for a retinol to reduce fine lines and other signs of aging, or simply wishes for a great everyday skin care regimen, ZO Skin Health has a product (or two) designed to suit your skin’s specific needs.

At Blaine Plastic Surgery we are proud to offer our patients the following ZO products:

  • Melamin Skin Bleaching and Correcting Cream
  • Melamix Skin Lightener and Blending Crème
  • Retinol Skin Brightener .25%, .5%
  • Brightalive
  • C-Bright Serum 10% Vitamin C
  • Growth Factor Serum
  • Instant Pore Refiner
  • Rozatrol
  • Daily Power Defense
  • Wrinkle and Texture Repair
  • Anti-Aging Program
  • Daily Skin Care Program (Getting Skin Ready Program)
  • HydraFacial Brightactive Booster Serum
  • Oclipse Smart Tone – SPF 50
  • Oclipse SPF Sunscreen and Primer – SPF 30

Purchase ZO Skin Care Products at Blaine Plastic Surgery

Patients who are interested in receiving a ZO Skin Care product should contact Blaine Plastic Surgery by filling out an online form on our website.

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