The field of Plastic Surgery is divided into two categories – cosmetic and reconstructive. Both require the same board certification, training and skill simply applied towards a different need. The reconstructive end of plastic surgery can often be considered medically necessary to restore proper body function and may be entitled to insurance reimbursement.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be an exceptionally rewarding and empowering option for many women who received—or may be contemplating—a mastectomy or lumpectomy as part of their fight against breast cancer. There are several different techniques that can be employed to rebuild the breast mound, each of which can help restore a near normal shape, size, and overall appearance to the breast(s). Dr. Blaine specializes in breast surgery and offers multiple corrective approaches including implant reconstruction and flap breast reconstruction. Her elite surgical skill is only matched by her empathy and care – as a woman, a mom, and daughter of a breast cancer survivor, Dr. Blaine’s mission is to treat the patient as whole offering her patients the best plastic and reconstructive surgery solutions from consult through recovery.

Skin Cancer Removal and Reconstruction

Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas are very common diagnoses and, fortunately, yield a very high treatment success rate. While malignant melanomas are a more serious medical concern, with early diagnosis and treatment there is often a high success rate in treating these lesions as well. Mohs surgery, performed in a dermatologist’s office, is considered the most precise and effective technique for treating many of these carcinomas and melanomas, however, it can leave defects in the tissue so large or so specifically located that they require plastic surgery intervention. After your Mohs procedure is complete and your dermatologist has determined that the affected area (and all margins) is cancer free, Dr. Blaine can effectively and precisely repair the defect to ensure proper function and appearance afterward.

For those who are not candidates for Mohs surgery, Dr. Blaine can also surgically excise certain cancerous lesions in whole and repair the defect immediately afterward.

Mole Removal

For lesions that you simply do not like to look at or for those lesions that are causing irritation and/or difficulty shaving, a mole/lesion removal by Dr. Blaine can be a fantastic option. While we can appreciate that some mole concerns are more cosmetic and functional as opposed to medically necessary, these very effective and safe procedures can be performed in minutes and can truly improve upon a patient’s sense of confidence and quality of life.

After evaluating your lesion(s) of concern, Dr. Blaine will advise you on the most appropriate method for removal which can include: laser, scraping, shaving, and/or excision. With great compassion, experience, and expertise, Dr. Blaine has all of the tools and training necessary to provide you with the best aesthetic outcome in achieving your cosmetic goals!


As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Blaine holds active privileges at many local area hospitals including: Huntington Hospital, Plainview Hospital, Syosset Hospital, Southside Hospital, and Glen Cove Hospital on Staten Island, and Staten Island University Hospital, and Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island. As part of her professional training, Dr. Blaine trained at Lehigh Valley Health Network, a Level I Trauma Center, where she was exposed to and developed a love of addressing these often complicated and very specific injuries.

For patients, pediatric through geriatric, who present to one of these local Emergency Departments (ED) after suffering an injury, Dr. Blaine can be requested and called upon to consult and address your laceration, fracture, wound, and/or trauma needs. Working with a plastic surgeon ensures a specialized focus on the aesthetic and functional repair required by your injury, and also provides the opportunity to seamlessly achieve your restorative goals. We can appreciate that a concern for many patients is the cost associated with having a Plastic Surgeon called in to consult and treat, but as an emergency/urgent care setting, Dr. Blaine can be called upon to treat you in the emergency department under your medical insurance, regardless of your insurance plan and insurance benefit structure.

If you have suffered a trauma requiring attention and/or treatment by Dr. Blaine at one of the local area hospitals, Dr. Blaine will continue to follow you on your road to recovery.

Reconstructive Procedures at Blaine Plastic Surgery

If you have suffered from an injury or illness that has left you requiring corrective or reconstructive surgery, Dr. Blaine can provide comprehensive plastic and reconstructive surgical care to help you restore your appearance and function. Schedule a consultation today!

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